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The Skilled Labor Shortage’s Effects on Conventional Construction

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Our region is experiencing a skilled labor shortage in the construction industry, as documented in this article. Conventional construction methods are suffering from this shortage, manifested in higher costs, schedule delays and even loss of revenue. DIRTT, the leading producer of prefabricated modular construction, believes in building better, and has revolutionized interior construction, basically inverting the traditional construction model and moving away from on-site labor intensive processes.

Traditional construction costs are comprised by typically 70% labor and 30% materials. The DIRTT model reverses that, with costs averaging 30% labor and 70% pre-fabricated materials, reducing the need for skilled labor on site by approximately 60% while shortening construction timeframes. Accelerated schedule alone reduces construction costs, and assembling pre-fabricated materials on site ensures a cleaner job site and less waste, as well as predictability of the finished product.

Drywall hasn’t evolved since its inception in the early 20th century. The construction industry is one of the last great dinosaurs and the skilled worker shortage may just be the trigger event for better and more high-tech ways of creating space. Evolution doesn’t favor the strong — it favors the adaptable. The time is now to transform interior construction.

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