Green/Sustainable The Importance of Sustainability in Design

sustainability office example

Sustainability is all about time. When out-of-date office designs stop functioning for employees and start affecting output, the offices are stripped down and remodeled. As a result, scraps and materials are destroyed and wasted at an extreme cost to the environment. The practice of sustainable development seeks to put a stop to this cycle of

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Green/Sustainable DIRTT Modular Construction and the Environment

DIRTT Modular Construction

The working world has found themselves in a cycle of building and demolishing offices repeatedly, using up a plethora of resources in the process. In fact, 25-33% of all landfills are waste from construction, renovation and demolition, and 10-15% of all materials brought to a construction site end up as waste. For every square foot

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Green/Sustainable Busting Prefabricated Construction Myths

If prefabricated, modular construction is cost effective, shortens project schedules and improves quality, why aren’t more architects and contractors using it? DIRTTbags are sometimes mystified by the reluctance of the building sector to incorporate prefabricated assemblies. To counter some of the myths around prefab, McGraw Hill CONSTRUCTION magazine conducted an extensive survey in 2011, publishing

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