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Workplace Design Can Enhance Performance

A healthy workplace design such as this can enhance employee performance.
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The link between the design of a work environment and the performance level of the employees who work there may not be immediately obvious, but experts in the healthcare field can make a direct correlation.  In an editorial for MBA Biz Magazine, Dr. Michael Parkinson states that workplace design can have an impact on employee safety and health, which impacts productivity. His definition of design includes workplace policies that promote how office architecture and layout can optimize performance. He goes on to describe how it is possible to make a business case for designing and building a healthy work environment.

Strategies to implement a healthy workplace design can include:

  • — Designing increased movement and interaction
  • — Adjustable, ergonomic seating
  • — Scheduling regular stretch breaks
  • — Planning for proper ventilation and indoor air quality
  • — Thermal comfort
  • — Exposure to natural lighting
  • — Providing amenities such as exercise facilities, bike racks and green space

At Workscape, we are passionate about providing innovative work environments that help organizations meet key business challenges like attracting, engaging and retaining top talent. Contact us to discuss ways to enhance your work environment that can also enhance employee performance.

Read Dr. Michael Parkinson’s full article below:

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