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How Your Employees Can Feel “At Home” When They Come to Work

Make sure your employees feel at home in their workspace to increase work performance.
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Your employees spend at least one-third of every weekday in your office. In fact, overall, people in the United States work around 164 more hours per year than they did just two decades ago. For many hard-working Americans, the office becomes like a second home. It is where we eat, socialize, and for some, it is where true purpose is realized.

You may even feel a sense of ownership over your workscape as if it is your little “home-away-from-home.” Open up your desk drawers and you’ll find your favorite snacks, Chapsticks, gum, maybe even a toothbrush. Your desk is ornamented with personal trinkets and family photos, reminders that life extends beyond the office parking lot. Take a look around your office. You’ll find that your employees have “moved in” to their workspaces in a similar fashion.

We are ineluctably influenced by our surroundings. So, like your real home, your work-home should be a comfortable environment. But rather than being designed for leisure, it needs to be compatible with the type of work you do, fostering focus, motivation, and productivity. That is why office space planning is an essential part of running an effective business and cannot be overlooked.

Research shows that well-ventilated, well-lit, safe, and comfortable workplaces see higher rates of productivity and job satisfaction than those with less ideal conditions.

In fact, these offices boast as much as 16% higher productivity, and employees report being 24% more satisfied. Workers in offices with windows obtain up to 173% more white light exposure, which is better for their health, and therefore, better for a business. A company’s employees are its greatest asset, so workers’ health is highly valuable.

Office space planning professionals can help you turn your workscape into a nurturing environment to boost creativity and productivity.

Many designers are recommending open workstations that promote collaboration and a greater sense of freedom among employees. Confined cubicles and isolated desks are becoming a thing of the past. The modern open plan office design is quickly becoming the newest and most effective trend in office space planning.

Ergonomics is another important concept when it comes to office planning. Furniture needs to meet your employees’ physical needs in order for them to focus their minds and produce their best work.

Make your employees feel at home when they come to work. It is entirely possible when you hire professional office planners and designers.

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