Workplace Design What Does Your Reception Area Say About Your Business?

When clients enter your office space, what do they see first? How are they greeted upon walking through the door? Are they welcomed into a warm and inviting environment with comfortable seating, healthy and flourishing office plants, clean floors, and a friendly face or two? Or are they left standing in the doorway? Your reception

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Workplace Design 4 Big Ways Office Design is Changing in 2016

One of the ways office design is changing is through unassigned seating.

Studies show that comfortable workspaces increase productivity as much as 16% and can improve job satisfaction among employees up to 24%. But what makes a comfortable work environment? Modern office design is in a state of transition as millennials move into leadership roles and company culture shifts between generations. Below are some common trends we

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Workplace Design Protecting Office Speech Privacy is the Key to a Productive Workplace

Office speech privacy ensure our long hours at the office are comfortable ones.

We understand that a comfortable, well-ventilated, well-lit workplace is a more productive workplace. In fact, offices that operate under these conditions generally see a 16% increase in productivity and a 24% increase in employee satisfaction. However, light, fresh air, and ergonomically designed furniture are just three variables in the equation. The final piece necessary to

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Workplace Design Workplace Design Can Enhance Performance

A healthy workplace design such as this can enhance employee performance.

The link between the design of a work environment and the performance level of the employees who work there may not be immediately obvious, but experts in the healthcare field can make a direct correlation.  In an editorial for MBA Biz Magazine, Dr. Michael Parkinson states that workplace design can have an impact on employee

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Workplace Design Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices

It has long been considered the ultimate yet seemingly out of reach test of the business case for green building: if the human benefits of green building could be reliably quantified this would prove beyond all doubt the ROI for investing in building green. After all, staff costs, including salaries and benefits, typically account for

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Workplace Design The Economics of Biophilia

Humans have traditionally improved the places in which we live and work to increase our comfort and productivity. These improvements have been based upon technological advancements that improved the health and welfare of building occupants, but have paid little attention to more subtle physiological needs. Recent advancement in our understanding of natural systems, coupled with

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Workplace Design Daylighting-Bias and Biophilia: Quantifying the Impact of Daylighting on Occupants Health

The biophilia hypothesis suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems [1]. Following on Edward Wilson’s (1984) seminal text “Biophilia” many building designers adopted these ideas to green buildings. Despite the popularity of the concept, the biophilia hypothesis in buildings remains largely contested due to lack of empirical body

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