Work Trends Prefabrication and Modularization

Prefabrication and modularization are construction processes that the industry has used for centuries. So why in 2011 is McGraw-Hill Construction conducting forward-thinking market research on what many consider to be old, well-established methods used on construction projects? Well, to paraphrase the song, everything old about prefab and modular is new again. This reemergence of prefab and

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Industry Sectors HIPAA and Acoustics: Maximizing Patient Privacy

Medical facilities can be the acoustical equivalent of hospital gowns: designed to leave everything hanging out there. But when a hospital gown leaves little to the imagination, it may only provoke giggles. When a poorly designed medical space allows eavesdropping on patient-physician conversations, a six-figure fine from the government may apply.

Green/Sustainable Busting Prefabricated Construction Myths

If prefabricated, modular construction is cost effective, shortens project schedules and improves quality, why aren’t more architects and contractors using it? DIRTTbags are sometimes mystified by the reluctance of the building sector to incorporate prefabricated assemblies. To counter some of the myths around prefab, McGraw Hill CONSTRUCTION magazine conducted an extensive survey in 2011, publishing

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Workplace Design Benefits of Wood

Wood is one of the most widely used materials in the workplace. It is also one of the most beneficial, capable of impacting workers psychologically and physiologically, while even benefiting a company’s bottom line. Wood’s naturalness, warmth and aspirational appeal enable it to speak to multiple generations, from baby boomers down to Generation Y, in

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Ergonomics Remix Idea and Concept

Some chairs are all that they seem at first glance and some are decidedly more. In the case of the new Remix chair, a quick look doesn’t allow enough time to recognize its many features. Yes, the contoured upholstered back instantly conveys comfort, but it’s only after sitting in it that you can fully appreciate

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Infographics A Snapshot: Technology Organizations

Through an ongoing research program, Knoll investigates current and future work and workplace factors. The information shared in this infographic is a sample of that research and includes responses from 17 technology organizations representing various sectors, locations, and sizes.

Ergonomics Ergonomic Tips for a Healthier Workspace

Eyestrain? Sore back? It is amazing how making even small tweaks to office furnishings or work habits can make you more comfortable. To reduce your risk of injury, and improve your performance, consider these ten practical ergonomic tips for your workspace — and work style. Adjust Your Immediate Surroundings See the light. Task lighting will

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Industry Sectors Designing for a Quality Learning Experience

Design for a Quality Learning Experience In the highly competitive world of higher education, institutions frequently make substantial investments in campus facilities to attract and retain the best and the brightest students, faculty and staff; accommodate growing enrollments; and change to support a wider variety of teaching and learning styles. These investments are made with

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