DIRTT Modular Construction and the Environment

DIRTT Modular Construction
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The working world has found themselves in a cycle of building and demolishing offices repeatedly, using up a plethora of resources in the process.

In fact, 25-33% of all landfills are waste from construction, renovation and demolition, and 10-15% of all materials brought to a construction site end up as waste. For every square foot of drywall used in new construction, one pound of drywall is dumped or, at best, sent to a recycling facility.

Recycling and using better materials can only do so much – in order to be more green and sustainable, we need to change our behaviors. We need to build better.

That’s the philosophy behind DIRTT, which stands for “Doing It Right This Time.” DIRTT Modular Construction strives to implement sustainable office designs that last. To do that, DIRTT relies on design professionals – like us here at Workscape – to be leaders. DIRTT trusts us to understand the balance between environmental best practices, user comfort and client success.

It Starts With Good PlanningBreathe_Large Leaf plants

DIRTT’s pre-manufactured, modular materials integrate with buildings and can stay in use for years to come. These materials present the absolute best value; they provide the largest return on investment, the lowest cost of ownership and the smallest environmental impact. Modular construction also produces much less off-gassing and volatile organic compounds.

DIRTT construction is dynamic, allowing businesses to be flexible. As work needs change, DIRTT solutions can easily be adapted to suit workers’ needs.

They look amazing, too. Older versions of movable walls in the design industry were not focused on aesthetics and had the tendency to look temporary. DIRTT walls seamlessly integrate into your building’s design and glass walls extend daylight throughout the interior.

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