Busting Prefabricated Construction Myths

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If prefabricated, modular construction is cost effective, shortens project schedules and improves quality, why aren’t more architects and contractors using it? DIRTTbags are sometimes mystified by the reluctance of the building sector to incorporate prefabricated assemblies.

To counter some of the myths around prefab, McGraw Hill CONSTRUCTION magazine conducted an extensive survey in 2011, publishing a report entitled Prefabrication and Modularization: Increasing Productivity in the Construction Sector.

All types of prefab and modular construction were included in the survey: mechanical systems, building enclosure, roofing, flooring and interior spaces. More than 800 architects, contractors and engineers responded to convey an accurate picture of the business drivers behind adopting this mode of construction.

The report is full of useful statistics about which groups most enthusiastically embrace prefabrication, and why. Armed with these statistics, you will be better positioned to share messages about productivity gains with architects and contractors.

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