Today’s collaborative work environment has many benefits and one clear disadvantage-noise.  Speech privacy, especially for those no longer in private offices, has become a major concern for many.  For over 40 years Dynasound has pioneered sound masking and speech privacy solutions.

Dynasound manufactures sound masking systems designed for every size office space and for all types of construction. We provide sound masking solutions for open offices, closed offices, SCIF and secure rooms. We can provide a single speaker system or a sound masking system consisting of thousands of networked speakers.

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Networked sound masking systems

The industry's first PoE (power over Ethernet) sound masking system sets the standard for control. Every speaker can be individually configured to receive one, or more, of eight network audio channels, and the output of one, or more, of four sound masking generators. Privacy Manager software enables adjustments on a system-wide, per zone, or per speaker basis.

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Selecting a sound masking system

The lack of privacy in most offices is actually due to too little ambient background making surrounding conversations and other activities more distracting. Soundmasking fills in the ambient background sound, decreasing the radius of distraction. In most open office environments, adding sound masking acoustically triples the distance between workers. In other words, workstations would have to be three times larger to get the same degree of privacy as can be achieved by adding sound masking.

Dynasound is now part of the Cambridge family

To prepare for the next stage of growth, Cambridge Sound Management will integrate Dynasound’s award-winning products, dedicated partners, and industry experts into Cambridge’s proven sound masking business model

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