For 70 years, Knoll has used modern design to connect people with their work, their lives and their world. Knoll has been manufacturing attractive and well priced office furniture right here in Pennsylvania since its inception.

Knoll’s continuous attention to carefully proportioned and detailed design is shared by architects, interior designers and executives who believe that the best furniture complements interior architecture, rather than competes with it.

Florence Knoll developed the idea of the modern office and pioneered the interior design profession.  Her motto is still relevant today, “Good Design Is Good Business”.

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Generation Chair

Because of the streamlined and innovative construction of the chair’s synchronized control, gone is the hulking chassis found beneath the seat of most task chairs. Made from the same high performance elastomer as the back, it consists of just one-third the amount of parts found in a typical ergonomic chair mechanism. With fewer parts there is less likelihood of breakage and the chair is lighter and more agile.

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Jens Risom Celebrates 100

Knoll Studio: Feature on Jens Risom

The first true Knoll designer, Jens Risom joined the young Hans Knoll Furniture Company in the early 1940s as the sole designer of interiors and furniture. Born in Denmark to the well-known architect Sven Risom, Jens worked in Stockholm for one year before graduating from the prestigious Kundstandvaerkerskolen in Copenhagen

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