Doing It Right This Time

DIRTT is radically modernizing the multibillion-dollar construction industry in its drive for lean construction. Previously unimagined mass-custom modular solutions offer speed, design, performance and environmental sustainability for the built environment.

The DIRTT approach is less a modular wall system than it is an adaptive approach to rapid construction. Doing It Right This Time means many things:

• using technology to manufacture beautiful custom prefab interiors
• designing for the longevity and flexibility to outlast building lifecycles
• bringing manufacturing back to North America
• saying yes and creating solutions no else thinks are possible
• foregoing traditional norms

And this is all while living and breathing sustainability at every moment and at every level!


With conventional construction, 70% of the cost is in labor and 30% in materials. We use high quality materials in our solutions and require less budget for labor.  Driven by the power of ICE, our manufactured construction methods are unlike any other.

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Interactive Virtual Office Flythroughs

ICE® is intelligent, interactive 3D software. Every line drawn knows what product it is and how it connects to the rest of the world. It automatically produces an immersive, real-time 3D environment where you can fly around and make changes that are automatically updated in your quote.

Featured DIRTT Project

University of Pittsburgh Alumni Hall

A/D Firm: University of Pittsburgh Facilities Management Products: Simo IMX tables, Sit On It Inflex chairs, DIRTT stacked glass and marker boards, wood and clear framed sliding glass doors.

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Case Study with CDM Smith

CDM Smith and their consultants speak about their experience as they built their global headquarters using DIRTT. The schedule was extremely short due to small window of opportunity to grab a new and better location, but that didn't negate the need for staying on budget and creating a quality space.

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ICEreality is mixed reality technology for design and construction. The 3D design of a proposed interior space is placed into real environments. Designers and owners can walk through the design making changes and keeping track of the budget while creating new iterations in real time.

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