Now that Governor Tom Wolf has laid out plans for how and when we get back to work many questions remain unanswered. Recently we have seen some thoughtful articles about possible steps to make existing workspaces safer in the post-COVID world. We have also been getting some insightful input from Knoll and other leading manufacturers about how to address the spacing and separation that many employees are expecting as they return to their work environments.

Much of this is uncharted waters but we know there is a path forward. Drawing down on our decades of experience (yikes, I really am getting old) and extensive industry network, we have compiled a database of white papers, innovative product solutions and practical options for addressing workplace safety. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and we think every business will need to adapt, some far more than others.

We have created a resource center that hosts a curated collection of news, opinions, and products designed to address this seismic shift in how America works. We intend this to be a living resource as we will continue to add important content.

If you'd like access to this resource, shoot me a note. We'd be happy to provide you access to this popup community. If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that we all need each other far more than we ever thought.


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